GameTime Live was born in 2017 when a group of five high schoolers walked into class at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. The class was called “Business Incubator”, where students work with business leaders around their hometown to form and launch a business. The five students who later founded GameTime Live recognized a common problem in their lives: watching live sports was getting kinda boring. At the root of the problem was sports games were only fun to watch when we had something to cheer for, and games of which we didn’t care about the outcome were just boring.

The group eventually found a solution: create a game within the game. By asking users to predict the short outcomes in the game as they watch them live, sports fans had something to cheer for play after play, creating a sports watching experience more fun and exciting than anything seen before.

The five students followed their vision, and it didn’t take long for GameTime Live to gain traction. After winning their high school’s pitch competition, the group was invited to the IncubatorEDU national pitch competition, where GameTime Live was recognized as the most promising entrepreneurial venture in the United States founded by high schoolers.

Today, the GameTime Live team is still following their passion. The company (now a team of 7) is working every day to bring this incredible experience to every sports fan. Version 2 of GameTime Live will be available on all platforms by the end of 2018.